Central Arkansas Mountain Pilots

The Central Arkansas Mountain Pilots Club (C.A.M.P.)
is Chapter of the United States Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association (U.S.H.P.A.).

We are dedicated to the promotion of education and safety for the pilots in the sport of foot-launched hang gliding, and due to the high number of spectators at our sites, the education of the general public concerning the sport. The main mission of C.A.M.P. is the procurement and management of sites and landing areas in central Arkansas so that hang gliding can continue in these areas for generations to come.

All pilots flying C.A.M.P. monitored hang gliding sites must be a current member of the U.S.H.P.A. and hold the appropriate rating for the site being flown. Safety rules will be followed strictly and are as follows:

1. The glider flown must be safe and properly maintained.
2. Pilots will not fly alone.
3. Helmets and parachutes must be worn.
4. A static hang check must be performed before every launch.
5. Members of C.A.M.P. are encouraged to participate in American (Red Cross first-aid courses.)
6. Spectators should not act as wire crews.

Because of the difficulty involved in procuring hang gliding sites and landing areas, extreme efforts must be made to retain the ones we have, and the bids to gain more of them. There are some basic guidelines that must be followed if we are to succeed.

1. Respect the property owners by gaining their permission and signing the appropriate waivers before using their lands.
2. Close all gates after opening them.
3. Stay on established roads and do not drive into fields.
4. Do not land in cultivated fields (crops are expensive).
5. Offer assistance to all you meet, especially in summer. (water, rides, etc.)
6. Do not litter.
7. Do not knowingly or intentionally fly over livestock to purposely spook them.
8. Most of all, be courteous and helpful in answering questions involving the positive aspects of hang gliding.

Following these rules and guidelines, exhibiting good judgment and maturity, will help keep us in a favorable position with all we come in contact with and maintain our sport as a safe and happy one for all.

We fly and maintain landowner relations at the following sites: Mt. Nebo State Park (H-3), Mt. Magazine State Park (H-3), Short Mtn. (H-2), Jasper (H-2) and Petit Jean (H-2).

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